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Clare Guest House believes that every woman

  • is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore has dignity and deserves respect.
  • has the ability to grow and deserves support in her development.
  • needs healthy relationships and deserves to live in a safe and secure community, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.

Clare Guest House believes that every woman returning from prison deserves

  • support in the transition toward fully responsible citizenship.
  • a mentor who will facilitate this transition.
  • the opportunity to experience respectful community living.
  • assistance in finding employment and housing.

Eligibility**MORE INFO

To be eligible, a woman must be mature, mentally stable, and motivated to lead a productive and law-abiding life. She must be in need of temporary housing and supportive assistance in her reentry, and ordinarily she must agree to a stay of at least two months but no longer than six months. If she has had a substance abuse problem, she must have successfully completed or agree to complete a treatment program.

Women interested in Clare Guest House complete an application form, write a letter describing their situation and their post-release plans, provide references, and are willing to be interviewed prior to their release.

Rules of Clare Guest House

1.  Be respectful of oneself, other guests, visitors and staff.

2.  Be courteous in the use of the phone and other shared space and services; second floor is a quiet zone.

3.  Be up, dressed by 9 a.m.; be employed or actively looking for work or be enrolled in an educational program.

4.  Be willing to work on spiritual development by attending a religious service or an hour of devotional practice each week.

5.  Gather for the evening meal each weekday unless excused, and participate in the conversation and the clean-up after meals.

6.  Sign up to prepare the evening meal one day a week, and sign up for a particular cleaning responsibility in the house.

7.  Practice good personal hygiene and be modestly dressed at all times.

8.  Observe the agreed-upon curfew, typically 10:30 p.m.  Sign out when leaving the house and sign in upon returning.  Overnights away from the house are not permitted during the first two months of a person’s stay.

9.  Make a full disclosure of all prescription medications; the individual is responsible to access her medications and take them; staff will secure the medications for the protection of the group, not for the purpose of monitoring their administration.

10.  Make a financial disclosure to determine one’s contribution to the expenses of the house, typically $10 a week for someone employed at a minimum-wage level.

11.  Visitors are permitted in common areas on the first floor, not in bedrooms, and they use the basement bathroom; no overnight visitors; children may visit but may not stay overnight.

12.  Smoking in the house and the use of alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted.  Smoking is permitted outdoors in the designated area.

13.  Because space is limited, only a reasonable amount of personal possessions can be brought to the house.  Each resident has a bed, night stand, sections of a dresser, and half the closet space in a double room which is to be kept neat and clean.

14.  Guests may be dismissed without refund if the rules of the house are broken, if their behavior is disruptive, if it is the consensus of the house that the individual is guilty of theft, alcohol or drug use, or sexual impropriety, and if the individual is arrested for any action away from the house.




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